2015 will mark my 20th year in practice and 10th year in the Upper Valley. My approach to practice has always been to offer the broadest scope of treatments in order to serve my community and patients best. Living in small town, Upper Valley, USA this is even more important because I believe that quality of care should be accessible without having to go to the "Big city". Also important is to offer individual, personal care and generous appointment times. This is all part of the Mindful care you will receive at my office.

The greatest part of practicing for 20 years is the ability to hone skills, focus on interests, and improve outcomes. Throughout my career, the medical equipment technology revolution has also been paramount in improving outcomes. I strive to stay at the forefront of this trend in order to offer the most modern, mindful treatment possible.

My interest in becoming a Podiatric Ankle + Foot Surgeon stems from a Sports Medicine background (UVM undergraduate and Post-Residency Fellowship) and my lifelong athletic pursuits as a runner, hiker, biker, skier, and climber. Focus on the biomechanics of running and how it influences our sports performance has always been a passion of mine.

The surgeon side of me is most interested in procedures to improve function and provide relief. The best procedure in my specialty that represents modern medicine and scientific innovation is the Wright Medical Total Ankle. This is the future of ankle surgery, and I am proud to offer this option to my patients. I was the first DPM in the New England to be trained and to install this exceptional product.

The other areas of innovation and interest for my practice involve cartilage grafting procedures for the ankle, Amniotic Stem Cell applications, Vacuum wound closure systems, as well as nerve surgery involving decompressions (i.e. Tarsal Tunnel, Neuromas) and excision.

I think the most valuable difference I offer as a Podiatric Ankle + Foot Surgeon is diversity of care involving all aspects of the lower extremity: Dermatology, Neurology, Biomechanics, and Orthopedics including fracture management, reconstruction, and limb salvage. Please scan the site to discover more of what I can do for you.